Lab-created Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Diamonds area dazzling and beautiful. Some are even famous. Diamonds are mined from the ground all over the world and are a gift from nature. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories with processes that are able to mimic natural underground conditions.

Lab-created and natural diamonds can appear to be the same to the naked eye. Both can be beautifully brilliant, but only a certified gemologist can determine if a diamond is real or lab-created utilizing special equipment.

Natural diamonds are graded, as are lab-created diamonds, but lab-created diamonds are engraved with a statement that identifies it as lab grown. The lab-created diamond will have a GIA report stating its origin. In that way, a consumer will know exactly what he or she is purchasing.

Lab-created diamonds can be just as brilliant and have the same properties as natural diamonds, but they are much more affordable and are becoming more popular. No matter which diamond you decide to purchase, be aware of the differences in natural diamonds vs. lab-created diamonds.
Once you know which type of diamond you want to purchase, you need to remember the 4Cs of diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Kimberly’s Jewelers can guide you once you know the diamond type you want.

Your next decision will be the cut, the setting and the style you desire. You’ll want to look at and try on or have a friend model several styles and cuts to get just the right one. Some of the more popular cuts are Marquise, Emerald, Round, Princess, Oval and Pear, but there are others to choose from.

Look at many; choose the perfect one. You know the basics, and Kimberly’s Jewelers will help you with the specifics of picking out the perfect diamond ring for years of happiness.