holiday gift guide

The holidays are finally here and time is running out to get your special someone the perfect gift.
Whether you’re a last minute shopper by virtue of a busy schedule, or not being able to decide on a gift, it doesn’t matter. Kimberly’s Jewelers is here to help with all of your last minute holiday needs.

We understand, better than most, that choosing the perfect piece of fine jewelry can seem like a tall order. There is an array of options and oftentimes the pieces can all begin to blur together due to a lack of variety. Luckily, here at Kimberly’s Jewelers, variety is not our issue! We are proud to offer a wide selection of custom jewelry guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday season unforgettable.

We have been providing Okaloosa County with the finest jewelry since 1985. We take satisfaction in knowing that our pieces are unique and high quality. Our diamonds and precious metals are top-level and extraordinarily beautiful and each have the potential of customization. Why waste time searching endlessly for the perfect piece when you can have it catered specifically to your desires?

Kimberly’s Jewelers can proudly accommodate most wants, needs, or budgets. We offer several payment plans in order to appease the needs of the many. Our goal is to have our customers leave the store knowing that they made the right decision. We believe that each customer should be guided with the same knowledge and expertise, and eventually leave with a truly distinctive piece. Contact us this holiday season and let us help you create a simply remarkable gift.

This Year’s Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

There are so many reasons to be excited about the holiday season. We are often given the opportunity to visit family, eat delicious food, and take a well deserved break from our hectic lives. The joyful energy is resonating throughout the Emerald Coast, and it’s time to start planning for the holidays. The biggest question many have during this time of year is concerning gifts. The process of buying a gift for someone can sometimes be nerve-racking. Even more so, choosing the perfect gift for that special someone can be all the more worrisome. Here at Kimberly’s Jewelers we do our best to help alleviate some of those worries when choosing fine jewelry.

Kimberly’s Jewelers proudly gives our customers the freedom of customizable jewelry. We believe that having the option to customize fine jewelry gives our valued customers the best chance of giving an unforgettable gift. We can oblige practically any needs, or wants, that our customers may have. Our fine jewelry comes in an array of different high-quality materials, and our precious stones are carefully fostered with their quality in mind.

Not only do we offer stunning and customizable fine jewelry, but our prices are also affordable for most budgets. We offer several payment options and plans in order to be as accommodating as possible. Everyone should have the opportunity to bestow a unique and memorable piece to their special someone. Contact us this holiday season for a speedy, affordable, and elite service. Happy holidays! We look forward to making your vision come to life.